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Herd of Elephants at the river, filmed at eye level by Kruger South Safaris South Africa guide Felicity

The best way to experience the Kruger National Park is by going on a guided Open Vehicle Safari Tour.  If you can, consider booking at least a 2Day/1Night Kruger Safari Tour, which is also our most popular Safari offering which enables you to experience spending a night INSIDE the Kruger National Park!

If you only have 1 Day to set aside to visit Kruger then booking a 1 Day Kruger Open Vehicle Safari Tour is the best chance you can give yourself to make the most of your time.

Our Kruger National Park Wildlife Safari Tours are conducted by professional Field Guides with a wealth of knowledge to share and very well-trained eyes…being in the Park every day they also get to know the seasonal animal movements which ultimately ensures you the best chance of finding and photographing those special species that you might really want to find. The Guides are a tight knit community and they all share an absolute passion for what they do.

Our motto: “Remember the quality of your experience has EVERYTHING” to do with the quality of your guide”!!!

What are the Advantages or Benefits of Open Game Drive Safari Vehicles?

Firstly, and most importantly, it's the unobstructed views. The elevated height offered by the 4wd vehicles makes it possible to see over the surrounding vegetation, and the design offers open all round views.  Each vehicle can seat a maximum of 10 Safari participants.  Steps and cut outs enable easy access into the vehicle, side panels offer safety protection, and canvas tops offer sun protection.  Roll down sides cater for adverse weather conditions and make it possible to offer our Kruger Safari Tours year-round.   Seats versus benches, seats may be more comfortable however restrict movement, especially if you are an avid photographer!  Benches offer absolute flexibility and the advantage of being able to move one’s camera with ease.  Added to that is the fact that each row of benches or seats are staggered in height.  Therefore, the last row will be the highest and the first row will be the lowest. 

Communication with your experienced, knowledgeable, expert guide is made easier as there is no obstruction between client and guide.  The guides are in contact with one another via radio communication and sightings are shared which they plan their day around to ensure they can offer their guests the best possible experience.

There is nothing that beats an Open Vehicle Safari into the Kruger National Park!!!

Don’t delay…Book yours today...

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